Vino 2017 – Press Clips – February 6th, 2017

The opening day of Vino 2017 was full of expectations which weren’t disappointed.
The conference hall has been full of guests throughout the whole day with many press and trade attending the round table and the seminars.

Data, Statistics, professionals’ point of views about the US Market and the promise of a consistent investment on the promotion of Italian wines in USA were the protagonist of an animated round table which will lead many conversations on the press and on the social media.

For the moment, today a very interesting article was published about the role of Italian wines in the US Market, following the tips of the sommelier Jordan Salcito, guest speaker at the pre-event last night dedicated to the Italian producers.

10 Key Trends For Italian Wines In U.S. Restaurants:
Thank you to Cathy Huyghe for reporting the importance of the Italian huge patrimony of Indigenous grapes and the beauty of our lesser-known regions. See the other 8 trends clicking the link…

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