Vino 2017 – Press Clips – February 12-28th, 2017

Some more clips about Vino 2017, the annual trade show for Italian Wines by the Italian Trade Commission:

Robbin Gheesling tells her experience at VINO 2017 in her blog Vineyard adventures:
“The opening roundtable discussion about the state of the Italian wine market was quite interesting. Moderated by one of my favorite Italian wineaux, David Lynch, I learned quite a bit from the survey results from Wine Opinions.”
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Alfonso Cevola is an old friend of the Italian Trade Commission and of the Vino event. He has been speaker in some seminars in the past editions: “I think the fact that the event was short made it sweet. It was concise, quick and to the point, kind of like NY. In all, an event worth attending. And the food in the Grand Tasting hall was very good, fresh, and warm when it needed to be. Lots of available glassware and people there to perform the food and beverage service. Two thumbs up.”
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Pedro Valdes is a wine importer… Good to know that at the trade show we found some new pearls: “We attended this event with the goal of tasting/finding wines from the northern region of Piedmont and from Sicily in the south.  Many superb wines were tasted but only a handful met Pedro’s high standards for both production excellence and value.”
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