Since 1926, Italian Trade Commission has been the Italian government agency entrusted with the mission of promoting trade between Italian companies and the United States market. Based in New York, the Food and Wine department works on increasing the awareness of the Italian products by being the point of reference for trade and press and promoting the wines through educational events, informational materials, special events, and promotions.

In particular, our mission aims to:
•Foster a better understanding of the Italian wine industry (its production and authenticity), the state of exporting to the US Market, and the potential business opportunities between American buyers and Italian producers
•Be an innovating meeting point for the promotion of Italian wines in the US market
•Increase the opportunity for commercial partnerships (with importers, distributors, on and off premise operators, wine mobile applications, wine educators, wine press)
•Get in touch with top sommeliers, wine buyers, wine “celebrities”, testimonials •Connect with the new generation working in the industry (millennials)