logo-azienda-agricola-nardellaVia Sicilia 132
71016 San Severo (FG)

Tel: +39 3804741898
E-mail: vinoli@agrinardella.it
Web: http://www.agrinardella.it/

    Contact Person: Dario Nardella

Region: Apulia

Participating with Associazione Puglia in Rose’

AgriNardella’s estate stretches for many hectares around the lush countryside of San Severo (FG), north of the sunny “Alto Tavoliere” of Apulia. The Nardella family business took its first steps in 1940, thanks to a strong “farming passion”, and the entrepreneurial skills of “Nonno Michele”, grandfather of Michele and Angelo Nardella, the current owners. Currently Nardella’s cellar, fully consistent with the moral and entrepreneurial legacy of “Nonno Michele”, is a technically advanced winery for processing and bottling located in the small village “Boschetto”, and includes almost 20 hectares of fine vineyards, mostly located on the surrounding hills.
Among the grapes varieties grown, the main ones include “Bombino Bianco”, a local ancient white variety. On the other hand, the native “Nero di Troia” and the internationally grown “Pinot Noir”, are the main red varieties used.

Not represented in the US

Daunia IGT Rosato Pinot Nero “Sant’Antonino” 2015
Daunia IGT Uva di Troia “Nero del Conte” 2015
Daunia IGT Bombino Bianco “Contrada Cisterne” 2015

Antica Masseria Jorche

logo-jorche-jpgC.da Jorche
74020 Torricella (TA)

Tel: +39 099 9573232
E-mail: jorchewines@jorche.it
Web: http://www.jorche.it

Contact Person: Giorgia Tanucci

Import Contact: Dalila Gianfreda

Region: Apulia

The company has a long winemaking tradition which dates all the way to the beginning of the 1900’s, when the Gianfreda Family owned one of the biggest palmento (a cellar where the grapes were crushed and processed) in Torricella. Today, the Gianfredas 5th generation helmed by Dalila and Emanuela dedicate themselves to the family’s historical task of managing the hospitality in the Masseria.
Jorche Winery produces its wine from the grapes grown on its 77 acres among which the small plot of Primitivo “alberello” stands out . The other native varieties cultivated are: Negramaro, Fiano and Bianco d’Alessano.

Imported By:
Ionia Atlantic Imports
Wine Emporium

States Imported in:
Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, New York

Awards Received:
Wine Spectator 90 points – Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva 2010

Primitivo del Salento IGT “Soltema” 2013
Negroamaro del Salento IGT “Caleido” 2012
Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2012
Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva 2012
Salento IGT vino spumante metodo classico Bianco d’Alessano e Fiano 2012

Cantina Fiorentino

cantinafiorentinoVia Vecchia Lequile 8
73013 Galatina (LE)

Tel: +39 0836 569178
E-mail: direzione@cantinafiorentino.it
Web: http://www.cantinafiorentino.it

Contact Person: Pierantonio Fiorentino

Region: Apulia

Cantina Fiorentino is a winery situated in Galatina, in province of Lecce, founded by Mr Pierantonio Fiorentino, an entrepeneur in the sector for renewable energies and energy efficiency. The love that Fiorentino Family has for Salento region, pushed them to invest in the agriculture sector and to dedicate themselves to viticulture. The winery is located in the craft zone of Galatina above an old winery dating from the end of XIX century and from which were recovered the fermenting vats. The estate has been reconstructed in accordance with the latest systems for energy saving.

Not represented in the US

Galatina DOC Bianco 2016
Galatina DOC Rosato 2016
Salento IGT Rosso “Jonico” 2015
Salento IGT Primitivo “San Giovanni” 2015
Salento IGT Rosso “Piromafò” 2011

Cantine Terra

terraVia XXV Luglio 18
73010 Veglie (LE)

Tel: +39 083 6813520
E-mail: info@cantineterra.it
Web: http://www.cantineterra.it

Contact Person: Claire Vallet

Region: Apulia

The company was born from the deep love for Mother Earth who nurtures everyone with her fruit. A young reality, matured on the desire to honor mankind inspired its name “Terra”.
To represent it, the label shows a prehistoric hunter who, instead of wielding a spear, holds a bunch of grapes in his hand: a fruit picked from the past and projected into the future, a symbol of an unbreakable link between the times passed and those still to come.
The Terra wineries have given life to a careful and accurate selection of nine locally produced wines from Salento. Three different lines, designed to speak through their colors, flavors and fragrances about the history of their homeland though the grapes of Negroamaro, black Malvasia, Primitivo, Verdeca, Susumaniello.

Not represented in the US

Negroamaro del Salento IGT Rosato “Cerere” 2015
Salento IGT Vermentino “Diana” 2015
Salice Salentino DOC Riserva “Terra” 2011
Salento IGT Rosso Barricato “Chakra” 2012
Primitivo del Salento IGT “Destino” 2012

Produttori Vini Manduria

produttori-vini-manduria-logoVia Fabio Massimo 19
74024 Manduria (TA)

Tel: + 39 099 9735332
E-mail: info@cpvini.com
Web: http://www.cpvini.com

Contact Person: Giovanni Dimitri
E-mail: dimitri@cpvini.com

Region: Apulia

Produttori Vini Manduria is the oldest active wine cooperative in Apulia. Nowadays, we manage
2,223 acres of vineyard (mainly Primitivo, the most important vine in Apulia). Most of the vines are grown with the traditional sapling syste, by 400 local farmers called “Maestri in Primitivo” (Masters of Primitivo) due to their deep knowledge of this ancient grape. The wine production mainly consists of the indigenous Primitivo but the winery also grows and produces Negroamaro, black and white Malvasia, and Fiano. Currently, the annual production is around 800,000 bottles. The old tanks of the winery host a rich and important ethnographic and anthropological Museum. Its aim is to illustrate and teach about the millenary relationship between Manduria’s peasantry and the art of making wine. Produttori Vini Manduria is an important stage for Italian and foreign wine lovers, who can visit the winery year-round and take part in guided wine tastings and pairings with typical food of rural tradition.

Imported By:
Ajm Imports, Inc.

States Imported in:
Midwest, California, Massachusetts.

Awards Received:
Wine Spectator
91 points – Primitivo di Manduria Riserva “Sonetto” 2010
90 points – Primitivo di Manduria Riserva “Elegia” 2008
90 points – Primitivo di Manduria “Lirica” 2007

Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva “Sonetto” 2012
Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva “Elegia” 2013
Primitivo di Manduria DOC “Lirica” 2013
Salento IGT Negroamaro “Abatemasi” 2013
Primitivo di Manduria DOCG Dolce “Madrigale” 2012

Tenuta Marano

tenuta-marano-logoVia Provinciale 158
73010 Guagnano (LE)

Tel: +39 083 21771988
E-mail: commerciale@tenutamarano.it
Web: http://www.tenutamarano.it

Contact Person: Natasa Zdravkovic
E-mail: salesmanager@tenutamarano.it

Region: Apulia

Tenuta Marano is a new company born in Guagnano, a small city in the heart of the so-called “Land Of Negroamaro”, as the result of a love story between this land and the Campania businessman Salvatore Marano. A liaison that has been going on for over 30 years during which Marano dedicated himself fully to this land between two seas. The high-quality wine production shows respect for the specificity and sustainability of a land so extraordinarily rich in natural beauties. The production blends tradition and innovation and ensures excellent quality and balance with the environment. The company mission is the production of the utmost quality wines through a carefully controlled and certified productive process. Tenuta Marano’s production is completely rooted in the territory where they grow local grapes and look for a close synergetic cooperation with other wineries nearby. The company properties include vineyards measuring about 37 acres, mostly located in the heart of “Terre Del Negroamaro”. Among them, two gems, two very old “Alberello Pugliese” vineyards: “Il Marchesani” near Guagnano, planted with Negroamaro vines over 55 years old that gives life to their first cru, Tama Salice Salentino DOP Riserva. The other gem, a 60-year old vineyard, is located between Manduria e Avetrana and grows Primitivo di Manduria grapes that produce our second cru, Centovite Primitivo di Manduria DOP. Thirteen winery labels in all, besides the two cru the production includes eleven more references, obtained mostly from the Negroamaro grapes differently elaborated, in blend or in purity (sparkling, white, red or rosè) one more primitivo, a white wine from Verdeca and another one from Chardonnay grapes.

Not represented in the US

Vino Spumante Brut “Baldassarri” NV
Salento IGT Verdeca “Puro” 2016
Primitivo del Salento IGT “Ameno” 2012
Salice Salentino DOC “Raritas” 2012
Salice Salentino DOCG Riserva “Tama” 2013

Torrevento SRL

torrevento-logo.jpgS.P. 234 Km 10,600
70033 Corato (BA)

Tel: +39 080 8980923
E-mail: info@torrevento.it
Web: http://www.torrevento.it

Contact Person: Alessandra Tedone

Region: Apulia

In the XVII century, in the middle of the northwest of the Apulian Murgia, more precisely in a place called Torrevento, a monastery made entirely of stone was built. In 1948, the Liantonio family bought the estate (monastery, cellar and 141 acres of surrounding vineyards) and moved in their wine production and sales business that started in 1920 in Palo del Colle. In this Contrada Torrevento, the winery grew under family management in the beginning and, since 1989, as Azienda Vitivinicola Torrevento. The company has almost 494 acres of its own propriety and 494 acres belonging to other owners but managed by Torrevento on the hills where the imposing an Castel del Monte arises: a famous monument, octagonal in shape, in the middle of the Rural Park of Alta Murgia. The old undergrounds, 26 feet deep, are today perfect places to preserve wine. The ancient stable, recently rebuilt, is a nice place for guests, tourists and wine lovers who visit the winery and taste good wine. Also, the company has at its disposal a hotel, a restaurant, agriturismo bed and breakfast and horse riding facilities. The company policy always aims to preserve the Apulian winery tradition and increase the value of the region and its traditional products. Torrevento will undergo major reconstructions, extensions and technological modernization to promote economic development and growth, respecting the pre-existing original building – creating a perfect union between the old and the new – and respecting the Murgia territory and the fabulous landscape of Castel del Monte. Torrevento has Certification ISO 9001 for the Corporate Quality, ISO 14001 for the Environment Quality and recently BRC and IFS. It is one of the wineries that most takes care of the vinification of the native vineyards and brings a modern point of view to the ancient Apulian traditions. Thanks to the fortunate combination of elements (such as the selection of the variety of the grape, the favorable microclimate, the rocky soil, the modern technology of fermentation, vinification and ageing and, finally, a perfect building for the preservation and ageing of wines) Torrevento manages to enhance and improve the most important native grapes, such as Nero di Troia, Aglianico, Bombino Nero, Bombino Bianco, Pampanuto, Moscato Reale e Moscato, Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera e Negroamaro.

Imported By:
Lionstone Il Cantiniere Tricana

States Imported in:
New York

Awards Received:
Robert Parker 90 points – Primitivo Puglia IGT “Since 1913”2013
Robert Parker 91 points – Nero Di Troia DOCG Riserva “Ottagono”2013

Puglia IGT Fiano “Torre del Falco” 2015
Puglia IGT Nero di Troia “Torre del Falco” 2014
Castel del Monte DOCG Nero di Troia Riserva “Ottagono” 2013
Primitivo di Manduria IGT “Since 1913” 2013
Castel del Monte DOCG Riserva “Vigna Pedale” 2012

Tufara Donvito

tufara-donvito-logoVia Carlo Soria 31
70023 Gioia Del Colle (BA)

Tel: +39 331 2206892
E-mail: export@tufaradonvito.com – valerio@apuliaexpo.com
Web: http://www.tufaradonvito.com

Contact Person: Valerio De Palma

Region: Apulia

The grapes of Tufara Donvito Wine grow in a very old limestone quarry where, during the Byzantine period, raw materials were extracted for the construction of the castle in Gioia del Colle (Bari) that, at a later stage, was expanded by the Emperor Frederick II. The Apulian artist Gino Donvito, who always evokes historical facts related to Frederick II in his works, decided to commend the beloved emperor not only through art but also through the wine Tufara Donvito, explicitly dedicated to Frederick II. Apulia has been producing wine for one thousand years and, during the Middle Ages, a considerable production was recorded: no wonder that Dante Alighieri, in his writings, describes Apulia as “a thirsty land where the sun turns into wine.” The importance of wine-growing development was also well understood by Frederick II, although he didn’t drink: he had about a thousand grapevines imported from Campania and planted in the Castel del Monte area. The wine Tufara Donvito hides ancient stories, as its vines are deeply rooted in the history of the land to which Gino Donvito and his daughter Luna are immensely bound: “Time not devoted to Land or Art is time wasted.” By taking care of his vineyard, Donvito not only is a passionate winemaker: he is also the artist waiting for inspiration to conceive a new artwork. He signs his art with an olive branch, sending through every work a message of peace that is, at the same time, the tangible mark of his extraordinary love for Apulia.

Imported By:
Noble Wine LLC

States Imported in:
Texas, California

Puglia IGT Fiano 2015
Vino Rosso“Tufara Donvito”2013
Negroamaro del Salento IGT 2013
Primitivo del Salento IGT 2012