The Italian Trade Agency, also known as the Italian Trade Commission, has unveiled a three-year marketing program to elevate the image and prestige of Italy’s wines through a multi-initiative campaign, “Italian Wine––Taste the Passion.”

Campaign Goal

Leverage the country’s culture, heritage and lifestyle in commercial, trade and educational channels.


  • The campaign’s creative reflects a lifestyle representative of the best Italy has to offer: quality, variety and biodiversity along with singularity, authenticity, versatility and family traditions.
  • The tagline references the passion with which the country produces wine and shares it with the world.


The United States is the number one foreign market in the world for Italian wine, with nearly a quarter of Italy’s entire production destined for its shores. The campaign aims  to further leverage this favored position in conjunction with relevant associations, institutions and industry representatives in order to increase sales of high-quality products and a more diverse selection of wines.

  • When: will launch 2018 in two phases (May–July and September–December) with a duration of up to three years
  • Who: will target consumers between the ages of 35-55
  • Where: will include national reach, with particular emphasis on the New York Tri-State area, California, Florida, Illinois and Texas.

The Italian Wine Industry

Wine consumption is growing worldwide and attracting new consumers in international markets, most noticeably in the premium category. Additionally, consumer demand for sustainable wines increases year after year and Italy is perfectly positioned to respond to that demand.

Global goals shared by the Italian Wine industry:

  • Smart agricultural practices
  • Environmental impact mitigation
  • Waste minimization in winemaking

The Italian Trade Agency, which was established for the promotion of Italian companies abroad, is the organization through which the government encourages the economic and commercial strengthening and development of Italian enterprises in foreign markets. It is also the entity tasked with promoting and attracting foreign investment in Italy. A dynamic, motivated and modern organization with a widespread network of foreign offices, ITA offers information, assistance, consulting services, promotion and education to small- and medium-sized Italian companies. Thanks to the use of the most modern, multichannel instruments of promotion and communication, ITA strives to affirm the high quality represented by “Made in Italy” around the world.