Vino 2017 – Press Clips – February 12-28th, 2017

Some more clips about Vino 2017, the annual trade show for Italian Wines by the Italian Trade Commission:

Robbin Gheesling tells her experience at VINO 2017 in her blog Vineyard adventures:
“The opening roundtable discussion about the state of the Italian wine market was quite interesting. Moderated by one of my favorite Italian wineaux, David Lynch, I learned quite a bit from the survey results from Wine Opinions.”
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Alfonso Cevola is an old friend of the Italian Trade Commission and of the Vino event. He has been speaker in some seminars in the past editions: “I think the fact that the event was short made it sweet. It was concise, quick and to the point, kind of like NY. In all, an event worth attending. And the food in the Grand Tasting hall was very good, fresh, and warm when it needed to be. Lots of available glassware and people there to perform the food and beverage service. Two thumbs up.”
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Pedro Valdes is a wine importer… Good to know that at the trade show we found some new pearls: “We attended this event with the goal of tasting/finding wines from the northern region of Piedmont and from Sicily in the south.  Many superb wines were tasted but only a handful met Pedro’s high standards for both production excellence and value.”
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Vino 2017 – Press Clips – February 7-8th, 2017

What we are reading about Vino 2017 in these days:

Featuring Marisa D’Vari‘s experience at VINO 2017:
“What a great #Vino2017 with a great panel of wine experts, all showing firm evidence of why Italian wine is so popular in the USA. It has also energized Italy to spend 20 million over the next three years on even more marketing.”

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Jeremy Parzen had a great time too:
“The organizers really did a great job of bringing top wine professionals and writers to New York for the seminars and grand tasting.”

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W. Blake Gray focuses his article on the Wine Opinions survey results presented at VINO 2017.
“Grape varieties are Italy’s viticultural treasure and marketing curse. The country, though just two-thirds the size of California, claims more than 500 indigenous grapes.”Read more>

And more:
Bruno Domaggio reviews the wine he tasted at the Superbowl party, the exclusive kick off event just for trade and press, featuring the Superbowl game on megascreen.
“That event featured over forty Italian wines and not so typical Superbowl snacks such as risotto with porcini mushrooms, orecchiette with broccoli rabe, manicotti and assorted salamis and cheeses.”
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Patricia Thompson is delighted with the amazing wines she enjoyed at Vino! And she doesn’t hide her passion for Rose’:
“It seems that rosé is indeed the passion these days. According to panelist Jeff Porter of the Bastianich hospitality group, “We’re now doing flights of rosé at our restaurants. Customers like it and expect it.” Eric Guido, marketing director at the Morrell Wine Group, concurs: “Now rosé is sold all year, not just in summer. When it comes to retail, we’re moving forward in leaps and bounds.””  Read more>

David Ransom, from the Connected table, is happy to talk about Italian Wines at Vino 2017 with David Lynch, moderator of our round table on “Trends and Opportunities in the US Market for Italian Wines”. Read more>

Vino 2017 – Press Clips – February 6th, 2017

The opening day of Vino 2017 was full of expectations which weren’t disappointed.
The conference hall has been full of guests throughout the whole day with many press and trade attending the round table and the seminars.

Data, Statistics, professionals’ point of views about the US Market and the promise of a consistent investment on the promotion of Italian wines in USA were the protagonist of an animated round table which will lead many conversations on the press and on the social media.

For the moment, today a very interesting article was published about the role of Italian wines in the US Market, following the tips of the sommelier Jordan Salcito, guest speaker at the pre-event last night dedicated to the Italian producers.

10 Key Trends For Italian Wines In U.S. Restaurants:
Thank you to Cathy Huyghe for reporting the importance of the Italian huge patrimony of Indigenous grapes and the beauty of our lesser-known regions. See the other 8 trends clicking the link…