Italian Organizations

Associazione Puglia in Rosé

Via Beata Elia di San Clemente 232
70122 Bari (BA)

Tel: +39 080 5538860

Contact Person: Lucia Nettis

Region: Apulia

Puglia in Rosé is the first wine the producers’ association dedicated to Apulian rosé wines. Apulia has the perfect conditions, producing most of the Italian rosé wine. The region brings pleasure to palates around the world with increasing export levels. The association, based in Bari, works with Apulian wineries and commercial and institutional partners toward increasing the sales of the Apulian rosé wines and promoting them as a true regional and national wine excellence.

Presenting the wineries:
Caiaffa Vini
Cantine Le Grotte
L’Antica Cantina San Severo

Consorzio Tutela Vini D.O.C. Friuli Grave

Via Boito 37
33082 Azzano Decimo (PN)

Tel: +39 043 646538

Contact person: Barbara Rosso

Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

The “Friuli Grave” DOC appellation covers about 18,532 acres on both sides of the Tagliamento River in the provinces of Pordenone and Udine in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.
The high Friuli plain, sheltered by the Alpine foothills, has a particularly original landscape marked with stony soils called “Grave” (areas closer to the rivers with lots of alluvial deposits). This large area was formed by alluvial matter washed down from the Alps by Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento rivers.
Over thousands of years, these rivers deposited enormous quantities of calcareous-dolomitic material that had been gouged out from the mountains by violent waters and washed along the course of their riverbeds. The entire plain is made of alluvial soils with large deposits in the northernmost segment of the DOC area becoming ever finer downriver. As well as being the source of the distinctive pebbly soil of the “Grave” area, the nearby mountains protect the valley from icy winds blowing from the north.
This aspect, along with the mitigating influence of the Adriatic Sea, has created a climate that is particularly suitable for viticulture. However, there is another reason why the “Grave” area can produce wines of such high quality: the pebbles and stones that lie on the surface of the soils enhance the differences between night time and day time temperatures, reflecting light during the day and storing heat to release it at night. This enhances the ripening of the grapes and the development sugar and aromatic components. The results are intense and elegant wines. Producing approx. 200,000 hectoliters of wine per year, “Friuli Grave” DOC is the largest appellation Friuli Venezia Giulia, accounting for more than 50% of the region’s wine production. Wines made from white varieties are fresh, fruity and elegant while the reds are harmonious and aromatic when young and intense, and full-bodied when aged.

Consorzio Di Tutela e Valorizzazione Dei Vini ” Salice Salentino D.O.P” E Dei Vini “Salento I.G.P.”

Via Pasquale Leone N. 36 C/O Casina Ripa
73015 Salice Salentino (LE)

Tel: +39 083 2911247

Contact Person: Eugenio Manieri

Region: Apulia

The consortium is the institution that represents about 80% of the entire Salice production chain and is responsible for promoting the territories of the provinces of Lecce (Salice Salentino, Veglie and Guagnano), Brindisi (San Pancrazio Salentino and San Donaci) and part of the area of Campi Salentina in the province of Lecce, as well as Cellino San Marco in the province of Brindisi, for a total production of 195 thousand tons of grapes, equal to 3.7 million gallons of wine.

Presenting the wineries:
Candido Francesco
Cantine de Falco
Vini Menhir
Vigneti Reale


Via Piave 24
187 Roma (RM)

Tel: +39 064 4250589

Region: Lazio

Federdoc is the National Confederation of Voluntary Consortia for the Protection of the Designations of the Italian Wines. Established in 1979, the organization represents more than 70% of the Italian wine production: almost 80 Protection Consortia are members of Federdoc. Federdoc represents and supports them at institutional, legal and legislative levels. Throughout the year, Federdoc promotes the protected names with information and promotion campaigns in Europe and worldwide.

Friuli Future Wines VII

c/o Azienda Speciale I.Ter Camera di Commercio di Udine
Via Elio Morpurgo 4
33100 Udine

Tel.+39 0432 273.532

Contact person: Omar Londero

Region: Friuli Venezia-Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia is an Italian region able to share tradition and strong identity on the international market. It offers authentic products combined with a great spirit of innovation.
All this in a territory where, in a couple of hours, you can go from contemplating the horizon on the sea to admiring the magnificent Alps. It is a special land, people here are unique: like their wines.
In addition to performing the basic institutional functions, Camera di Commercio di Udine undertakes a broad spectrum of activities geared to assisting small and medium size local manufacturing industries to become more deeply rooted in the global marketplace.

Presenting the wineries:
Bidoli Vini
Dri Giovanni Il Roncat Azienda Agricola
Grillo Iole
Il Roncal
La Sclusa
Ronc Soreli

Promosiena S.R.L.

Piazza Matteotti, 30
53100 Siena

Tel. +39 0577282494

Region: Tuscany

PromoSiena is the company established by the Chamber of Commerce of Siena to promote the economic development of the territory and especially to support the internationalization processes of small and medium-sized enterprises.
PromoSiena carries out the following actions to help SMEs approach the foreign markets: collective participation at national and international trade exhibitions, organization of B2B events and trade missions, information and assistance to SMEs, on-line information service, identification of most attractive markets for the single production sectors and organization of workshops on topics of interest for SMEs (customs, forwarding, payment conditions, international agreements and finance).

Presenting the wineries:
Barbanera SRL
Fattoria di Corsignano
Fattoria Lavacchio
La Chimera d’Albegna
Poderi Arcangelo Winery

Wine Scholar Guild – Italian Wine Scholar

Wine Scholar Guild
1777 Church Street NW,
Suite B. Washington DC, 20036

Phone: 202 600-8022

Contact Person: Maurizio Broggi, Lisa Airey
The Wine Scholar Guild provides study & certification programs on the wines and wine regions of Italy.
The Italian Wine Scholar™ study & certification program is an in-depth Italian wine course designed to provide committed students of wine with the most advanced and comprehensive specialization course on Italian wine bar none!
The Italian Wine Scholar™ is offered by the Wine Scholar Guild’s approved program provider network which now includes more than 50 wine schools in 20 countries and five continents.
It confers a post-nominal to wine professionals and enthusiasts who successfully pass the certification exams (Ex: John Smith, IWS). IWS candidates are both members of the wine trade and serious wine hobbyists seeking specialization and certification.
The program has been endorsed by the Italian Trade Commission.