Cantina La Maranzana

Via San Giovanni 20lamaranzana

14040 Maranzana (AT)

Tel: +39014177927
E-mail: lamaranzana@cantinamaranzana.it
Web: http://www.cantinamaranzana.it

Contact Person: Barbara Pastorino
E-mail: export@cantinamaranzana.it

Region: Piedmont

The winery La Maranzana is a cooperative established in 1959 by growers living in Maranzana area. At present, it has around 200 members and owns about 400 hectares of vineyards.
Maranzana is situated on the lovely hills of Piedmont, amidst the bright green vines and woodland. It lies at the heart of the Monferrato area, universally known as a classic wine area. The town belongs to the “Buffer Zone” of the UNESCO World Heritage “Vineyard Lands – Langhe-Roero-Monferrato”. It is here that Piedmont growers produce high-quality DOCG wines.
The grapes of the cooperative‘s members are evaluated according to a quality system from 5 to 30 points.
Thus, the higher the grapes quality, the higher the grapes price. Over the past 10 years, we have consistently focused on low yields and high quality of bottled wines.
The investment in the winery has been significant. Currently the winery La Maranzana uses modern equipment for a controlled winemaking process. High-quality red wines are refined and aged in oak barrels combining technology with tradition.

Imported By:
Vino of Indiana (Mr Chuck Hollis)

States Imported in:
Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia and Texas

Spumante Pinot Chardonnay Extra Dry 2015
Vino da Tavola Dolce Rosso 2015
Barbera d’Asti DOCG “Trabucco” 2013
Moscato d’Asti DOCG Muscaté Bianc 2015
Dolcetto d’Asti La Violina DOC 2015

L’Astemia Pentita

LoghiDEFVia Crosia 40
12060 Barolo (CN)

Tel: +39 017 3560501
E-mail: svetlana@astemiapentita.it
Web: http://www.astemiapentita.it

    Contact Person: Svetlana Melnichenko
E-mail: svetlana@astemiapentita.it

Region: Piedmont

L’Astemia Pentita takes its roots in the most precious Cannubi cru of the Barolo area in Piedmont. The new high-end winery aims to innovate and bridge the connection between the tradition of Barolo Cannubi and other Langhe wines.

Not represented in the US

Barolo DOCG “Cannubi” 2012
Barolo DOCG “Terlo” 2012
Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2013
Vino Rosso “Dinamico” NV
Vino Bianco “Armonico” NV

La Mesma Gavi

lamesma-new-logo-2015Frazione Monterotondo 7
15066 Gavi (AL)

Tel: +39 010 8688150
E-mail: info@lamesma.it
Web: http://www.lamesma.it

Contact Person: Paola Rosina
E-mail: paola.rosina@lamesma.it

Region: Piedmont

La Mesma is a family business meticulously run by the three Rosina sisters: Paola, Francesca and Anna. It is located in Monterotondo (Province of Alessandria) at the very heart of the Gavi DOCG region in Italy.
Nestled in the peaceful, green countryside between Piedmont and Liguria, seemingly far from the sea, the region benefits considerably from coastal influences. The estate’s Gavi La Mesma DOCG production relies on 64 acres of Cortese grape vines planted in fine medium-blend soil on southward exposed hillsides at an altitude of about 984 feet. Their aim is to make expressive wines through hard work on the vineyards and minimal intervention in the cellar. La Mesma wines must preserve varietal integrity, vintage and a sense of place. They are exported all over the world. The farm is a currently in organic conversion. Their goal is to ensure a long and healthy life to their vines. La Mesma encourages biodiversity: their vines are pruned with the Simonit and Sirch method. A final selection of grapes is made during picking, prior to soft pressing.

Imported By:
Tanaro River Imports
Elite Wines
Astor Wines

States Imported in:
California, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, New York

Gavi DOCG Gavi del Comune di Gavi “Yellow Label” 2015
Gavi DOCG Gavi del comune di Gavi “Indi” 2015
Gavi DOCG Riserva “Vigna della Rovere Verde” 2014
Gavi DOCG Spumante “Le Bolle” 2015
Gavi DOCG Spumante Metodo Classico 2009

Le Ginestre Az. Agr.

logo-le-ginestre-02Strada Grinzane, 15
12060 Grinzane Cavour (CN)

Tel: +39 017 3262910
E-mail: info@leginestre.com
Web: http://www.leginestre.com

Contact Person: Barbara Audasso

Region: Piedmont

Le Ginestre is a winery located in the village of Grinzane Cavour, approximately 4 miles from Alba in the Langhe hills in Piedmont, in northwestern Italy. Grinzane Cavour is one of the only villages in this outstanding wine-growing area where Barolo can be produced. In the XVIII century, during the reign of Emmanuel II, most of the land around Grinzane Castle belonged to Count Camillo Benso of Cavour, the political architect of the Unification of Italy and Mayor of our area for 17 years. When the estate was sold, the land was purchased by local farmers, including our forebears. When Franco Audasso took over this smallholding in 1980, he began to sell his wines with the help of his wife, Giulia Vacchetti. Later their children, Gian Luca and Barbara, started working in the company as well. Over the course of the years the initial property has been extended with the acquisition of other vineyards, that have been partly replanted using the clones that are best suited to the type of soil. Franco takes care of the vineyards; Gian Luca manages the cellars and Giulia and Barbara are responsible for sales.

Imported By:
Scholossadler, Inc.

States Imported in:

Barolo DOCG “Sottocastello di Novello” 2012
Barolo DOCG “Sottocastello di Novello” 2011
Barbera d’Alba DOC 2014
Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2015