Azienda Agricola Ciaccioni Roberta

Via delle Cantine 8
53040 San Casciano dei Bagni (SI)

Tel: +39 057 856008
E-mail: info@ciaccioni.com
Web: http://www.ciaccioni.com

Contact Person: Roberta Ciaccioni

Region: Tuscany

Participating with Promosiena

The winery was founded in 1997 with the passion for the land of Roberta, a young agricultural entrepreneur, who acquired 8 hectares of the best Chianti vineyards located in Palazzone, San Casciano dei Bagni, province of Siena. Roberta was born on this land and still lives and works here. She divides her time between working on the farm and taking care of her three children Martina, Matteo and Francesco.

Not represented in the US

Toscana IGT Vermentino “Profumo di Vigna” 2015
Toscana IGT Rosso “Foglia di Vite” 2013
Chianti DOCG 2015

Castello Banfi – Vigne Regali

1111 Cedar Swamp Road
Old Brookville, NY 11545

Tel: + 1 (516) 626-9200
Email: mstrollo@banfi.com
Web: http://www.castellobanfi.com

Contact Person: Michelle Strollo

Region: Tuscany

Tuscany’s most honored vineyard estate, Castello Banfi’s award-winning wines are exported to over 85 countries around the world. Lauded for groundbreaking research on the Sangiovese vine to produce superior Brunello and super Tuscan wines; producing healthy, more organic wines that are low in sulfites and histamines; and developing cutting edge winemaking techniques, Castello Banfi is the first winery in the world to be awarded international recognition for exceptional environmental, ethical and social responsibility (ISO 14001 and SA8000) as well as an international leader in customer satisfaction (ISO 9001:2000). Castello Banfi is a beacon for hospitality in the region, with a full service enoteca, glass museum, winery tours, informal Taverna for lunch, fine dining at the Michelin star-rated Castello Banfi – Il Ristorante, and luxury rooms and suites at the recently opened Castello Banfi – Il Borgo.
Banfi Piemonte is the name of the family’s sparkling wine cellars in Strevi, Piedmont, run in conjunction with the nearby single-vineyard.

Imported By:
Banfi Vitners

States Imported in:
All around US

Toscana IGT Vermentino “La Pettegola”
Gavi DOCG “Principessa Gavia”
Toscana IGT Pinot Grigio “San Angelo”
Toscana IGT “Centine Bianco”
Toscana IGT “Centine Rose’
Toscana IGT “Centine Rosso”
Toscana IGT Chardonnay “Fontanelle”
Toscana IGT “BelnerO”
Bolgheri Rosso DOC “ASKA”
Toscana IGT “Cum Laude”
Rosso di Montalcino DOC “Poggio alle Mura”
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG “Poggio alle Mura”
Moscadello di Montalcino DOC Florus Late Harvest

Barbanera SRL

logo BARBANERA personalizzazione diviseVia del Palazzone, 4 Fraz. Piazze
53040 Cetona (SI)

Tel: +39 0578 244174
E-mail: info@barbaneravini.it
Web: http://www.barbaneravini.it

Contact Person: Marco Barbanera
E-mail: m.barbanera@barbaneravini.it

    Import Contact: Sofia Barbanera

Region: Tuscany

Participating with Promosiena

The family wine business was founded in 1938, in one of the most beautiful corners of Italy: on the slopes of Monte Cetona, in the heart of the green hills and vineyards of the Tuscan area known as Valdichiana. Today, Barbanera stands for a dynamic and modern operation focused on export to Europe and beyond. Initially concentrated only on wines from Tuscany, the growing demand in recent years for wines from other Italian regions such as Puglia and Sicily has led to a broadening of the range of wines offered as well as a constant process of updating the winery’s technology. As a result and complementing Barbanera’s own lines such as Duca di Saragnano and Barbanera itself, the wines and their packaging can now be tailor-made to suit the customer’s needs. As part of the process of targeting new markets and new trade sectors, the company has also achieved certification in the principal organizational quality control systems: ISO, IFS and BRC. The Barbanera wines regularly win the highest awards in international competitions.

Imported By:
Pazzione Wine Imports LLC
United Wine Inc.
Lionstone International

States Imported in:
The Barbanera wines are distributed in the US under various private labels, thus avoiding competition in the same market. The company is not bound by exclusivity with any importer.

Toscana IGT Rosso “Chieteno” 2014
Toscana IGT Bianco “Pian oro”2015
Toscana IGT Rosso “Sir Passo” 2015
Toscana IGT Rosso Governo all’uso Toscano 2015
Puglia IGT Primitivo “Alchymia” 2014

Casale dello Sparviero

logo-solo-scritta-casale-dello-sparvieroLoc. Casale 93
53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI)

Tel: +39 0577 743228
E-mail: info@casaledellosparviero.it
Web: http://www.casaledellosparviero.it

Contact Person: Marco Giacopelli
E-mail: marco.giacopelli@casaledellosparviero.it

Region: Tuscany

In the Chianti Classico territory at the heart of Tuscany, there is a beautiful estate named Casale dello Sparviero, after the sparrowhawk that makes its nest every single year in the old Monastery, the main building of the estate.
The company has been producing wine for more than 60 years on their 1,000 acres of land. 300 acres of vineyards host a lot of different terroirs that accentuate the best quality of local grapes.

Not represented in the US

Toscana IGT “Rosso dello Sparviero” 2015
Chianti DOCG Superiore 2015
Chianti Classico DOCG 2014
Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva 2012
Chianti Classico DOCG Gran Selezione “Vigna Paronza” 2012


Cinciano-logo.jpgLoc. Cinciano 2
53036 Poggibonsi (SI)

Tel: +39 057 7936588
E-mail: info@cinciano.it
Web: http://www.cinciano.it

Contact Person: Valerio Marconi
E-mail: v.marconi@cinciano.it

Region: Tuscany

Participating with Promosiena

The name Cinciano is, likely, of Roman origin and, maybe, belonged to Gens Cincia. A document dated 1126 attests that a noblewoman, Zaballina ,widow of Ridolfino from Catignano, donates the estate and villa to Gotifredo, Bishop of Florence. along with the castles Catignano and Linari.
Cinciano is property of Garres who bought the estate in 1983. During the past thirty years, renovations and improvements have been carried out and they still continue today. Cinciano is also renewing its vineyards with Sangiovese 100%, the symbol of the Tuscany in the wine world.
The hill stands out in the sun in front of San Gimignano on the opposite side of the valley. It is the last hill at the west border of Chianti Classico. Today, Cinciano extends over an area of 370 acres, 82 of those are vineyards 99 olive trees and the rest is forest. The production focus is on Chianti Classico DOCG wine made with 100% Sangiovese, gently aged in Slavonian oak casks of 660 and 1,320 gallons.

Imported By:
Top Wines Import

States Imported in:
Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York

Chianti Classico DOCG 2013
Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG 2012
Chianti Classico Gran Selezione DOCG 2011

Fattoria di Corsignano

elena-gallo_tenuta-corsignanoStrada Tognana 4, Loc. Corsignano
53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI)

Tel: +39 0577 322545
E-mail: info@tenutacorsignano.it
Web: http://www.tenutacorsignano.it

Contact Person: Elena Gallo

Region: Tuscany

Participating with Promosiena

Fattoria di Corsignano is an “eco-compatible” family winery estate located in Castelnuovo Berardenga, the southern area of the Chianti Classico Gallo Nero. It covers 54 acres and produces 40,000 bottles per year. All the energy is provided by solar panels and all the farming is organic. The knowledge of the old wine masters along with the newer techniques give life to the wines of the Fattoria. The care and ties to tradition are highlighted in the use of only native grapes, mainly Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Malvasia Nera and in the selection of the best grapes during the manual harvest along with the accurate manual processing. They are exclusive wines where the attention to detail becomes the important element.

Imported By:
Due Fratelli Imports, LLC

States Imported In:
Maine, Virginia

Awards Received:
Wine Enthusiast
90 points -L’imperatore Riserva Chianti Classico 2013
93 points -L’imperatrice Gran Selezione Chianti Classico 2012
91 points -L’imperatore Riserva Chianti Classico 2012
90 points -Chianti Classico 2012
93 points -L’imperatrice Gran Selezione Chianti Classico 2010
91 points -L’imperatore Riserva Chianti Classico 2010
90 points -Chianti Classico 2010
James Suckling
95 points -L’IMPERATRICE Gran Selezione Chianti Classico 2010
91 Points -Chianti Classico 2011
90 Points -L’IMPERATORE Riserva Chianti Classico 2011

Toscana IGT “La Famiglia” 2014
Toscana IGT “Gli Sposi” 2013
Chianti Classico DOCG “La Coppia” 2014
Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva “L’Imperatore” 2013
Chianti Classico DOCG Gran Selezione “L’Imperatrice” 2012

Fattoria il Colombaio

fattoria-il-colombaio-monteriggioniStrada di Serfignano 3
53035 Monteriggioni (SI)

Tel: +39 057 7306143
E-mail: info@fattoriailcolombaio.com
Web: http://www.fattoriailcolombaio.com

Contact Person: Marco Manganelli

Import Contact: Milena Billi

Region: Tuscany

Participating with Promosiena

Fattoria il Colombaio is nowadays considered a symbol of the local environment that has always witnessed the development of the area, starting in 1897 when the municipality of Monteriggioni conferred the winery an award for its dedication to agriculture. The estate consists of 70 hectares of land where the cellar and the renowned agriturismo bed and breakfast are located. The mission of Fattoria il Colombaio is to bring to life the soul of Sangiovese grape, from the classic traditional taste to the most refined modern one.

Imported By:
Delectatio Wines

States Imported in:

Awards received:
Wine Enthusiast 87 points – Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG “San Cirino” 2012

Toscana IGT Rosso “Berizo” 2013
Toscana IGT Bianco “Le Primule” 2015
Chianti DOCG “Contessa Ava” 2015
Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG “San Cirino” 2014

Fattoria Lavacchio

lavacchioVia Montefiesole 55
50065 Pontassieve (FI)

Tel: +39 055 8317472
E-mail: faye@fattorialavacchio.com
Web: http://www.bio-chianti.com

Contact Person: Faye Lottero

Region: Tuscany

Participating with Promosiena

The Estate is situated in the heart of the prestigious Chianti Rufina territory 450 meters above sea level on the hills of Montefiesole overlooking the Arno river valley. Fattoria Lavacchio extends on 110 hectares of land entirely organically cultivated, of which 25 vineyards alternate other cultures such as olive groves, wheat fields, fruit and vegetable gardens and black truffle forest, thus ensuring a bio-diverse farm landscape that prevents disease spreading. While preserving the best organic agricultural and productive traditions, the estate has been constantly evolving by combining these authentic methods with the most advanced technology to offer products of outstanding excellence. Their portfolio includes organic and sulfite-free Chianti and white wine, Chianti Rufina, Super Tuscan, Vin Santo and a late harvest Gewürtztraminer. We are also continuously researching new systems to ensure an increase in the quality of the products and the services we offer. Some of the houses on the estate were recently refurbished so guests can enjoy the offerings of an onsite restaurant and charming agriturismo bed and breakfast. The estate is certified ISO Quality, Eco Label, Organic and constantly monitors the carbon and water footprint as per VIVA sustainable viticulture.

Imported By:
Simeoni Imports
Euro Wines
Italy’s wine

States Imported in:
Illinois, Florida, Texas

Awards Received:
Robert Parker 90 points – Toscana Rosso IGT Fontegalli 2011
Robert Parker 91 points – Chianti Rufina DOCG Ludié 2009
Tanzer 91 points – Chianti Rufina DOCG Cedro Riserva 2008
Wine Enthusiast 90 points -Chianti Rufina DOCG Cedro 2012

Chianti DOCG “Puro” 2015
Chianti DOCG Riserva “Puro” 2014
Chianti Rufina DOCG “Cedro” 2014
Chianti Rufina DOCG Riserva “Cedro” 2009
Toscana IGT “Fontegalli” 2009

Frank & Serafìco

BV_F&SStrada Spergolaia Snc
58100 Grosseto (GR)

Tel: +39 056 4418491
E-mail: Info@frankeserafico.com
Web: Www.frankeserafico.com

Contact Person: Fabrizio Testa
E-mail: Fabrizio@frankeserafico.com

Region: Tuscany

The Frank & Serafico’s project was born in 2009 when two winemakers, Pier Paolo Pratesi (Serafìco) and Fabrizio Testa (Frank), met and decided to move together in the heart of the “Uccellina National Park” in the Tuscany Maremma, to start an ambitious endeavor: produce in total autonomy their own wines and beers using the natural ingredients harvested on their estate, and cook delicious foods in the “Farm Pub” using the vegetables grown in their garden.

Imported By:
Golden Vines
SPW Importers
T-Elenteny Imports

States Imported In:
New York, Oregon

Toscana IGT VERMENTINO “Vr” 2015
Morellino di Scansano DOCG “Mr” 2015
Toscana IGT Rosso “Frank” 2014
Maremma Toscana DOC Sangiovese 2012
Beer “Enki Ale Blonde”

La Sala

Via Collina 8
50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa (FI)

Tel: +39 055 8240013
Email: info@lasala.it
Web: http://www.lasala.it

Contact Person: Stefano Pirondi
Email: stefano.pirondi@gmail.com

Region: Tuscany

In 2014, Francesco Rossi Ferrini, owner of the farmhouse Il Torriano and wine grower in the Chianti Classico area since 1940, achieved his dream of becoming a wine producer by acquiring the estate La Sala, a premium winery of Chianti Classico, founded in 1981 in the wonderful sub-zone of San Casciano Val di Pesa. Nowadays, the estates of La Sala and Il Torriano boast vineyards in two different parts of the Chianti Classico area, each with different soil and microclimate. La Sala produces Chianti Classico, Riserva, the Supertuscan Campo all’Albero and the extra virgin olive oil Chianti Classico DOP. Starting with the 2015 vintage, the company will add Chianti Classico Gran Selezione to the selection of their products.

Imported By:
Vignaioli selection, Zidian Imports

States Imported in:
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio

Chianti Classico DOCG 2013
Chianti Classico DOCG 2014
Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG 2013
Colli della Toscana Centrale IGT 2012

Le Bertille

le-bertille-logoVia delle Colombelle 7
53045 Montepulciano (SI)

Tel: +39 057 8758330
E-mail: info@lebertille.com
Web: http://www.lebertille.com

Contact Person: Oretta Roberti
E-mail: oretta.roberti@lebertille.com

Region: Tuscany

Participating with Promosiena

Le Bertille is a young and dynamic family winery based in Montepulciano. It was established in 2001 and covers an area of 54 acres, 29 of which are planted with vineyards. The grape varieties cultivated represent the tradition of the area: Prugnolo Gentile, Ciliegiolo, Colorino and Canaiolo, along with a small part of Merlot grapes. Accurate management of the vineyards, summer pruning, bunch thinning and selective harvesting allow for a limited production but of a high quality. The estate includes centuries-old olive groves and a lake, a true oasis for migrating herons. The historical buildings have been carefully renovated and now include the beautiful agriturismo bed and breakfast San Gallo

Imported By:
Singular Selections

States Imported in:
California, Maine

Awards Received:
Robert Parker 2016 91 points – Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2010

Toscana IGT Rosso “L’Attesa” 2010
Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG 2013
Rosso di Montepulciano DOC 2014
Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG 2013
Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva DOCG 2011

Poderi Arcangelo Winery

poderi-arcangelo-winery-logoVia Capezzano 26
53037 San Gimignano (SI)

Tel: +39 057 7944404
E-mail: info@poderiarcangelo.it
Web: http://www.poderiarcangelo.it

Contact Person: Sandra Mora
E-mail: sandra@poderiarcangelo.it

Region: Tuscany

Participating with Promosiena

Poderi Arcangelo Winery covers 57 acres of organic vineyards and olive trees in San Gimignano.
The Mora family have been running their farm for 3 generations and produce approximately 42,267 gallons of wine per year, with a limited selection of about 70.000 bottles. Their main production of organic labels is: Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG Basic and Selection Terra del Lago, Chianti DOCG, Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG, Supertuscan San Gimignano Red Wine DOC Barrique and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. One of Poderi Arcangelo’s key success factors is keeping up to date with technological development. In the last years, the company has become more sensible to the environment: in 2011, a 50 KWH photovoltaic plant was built. The winery supplies international and national customers and pays particular attention to all their needs. The wines are also exported into many foreign markets such as Japan, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, USA with a keen eye on expanding their business.

Not represented in the US

Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG Selezione “Terra del Lago” 2015
Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG “Traditional” 2015
Chianti DOCG 2013
Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG 2013
Toscana IGT Supertuscan “Gran Baccano” 2014

Torraccia Di Presura

logo-torraccia-2016Via Della Montagnola N. 130
50027 Greve In Chianti (FI)

Tel: +39 055 490563
E-mail: torracciadipresura@torracciadipresura.it
Web: http://www.torracciadipresura.it

Contact Person: Paolo Osti

Region: Tuscany

Torraccia di Presura is located in the heart of Tuscany, in a wonderful part of the Chianti Classico area, about 9 miles south of Florence, in the Greve in Chianti area. The company was founded in 1986 and now owns 86 acres of vineyards and 40 acres of olive groves, for a total production of around 230,000 bottles, mostly distributed abroad. The pursuit of the highest product quality, excellence and reliability are the fundamental characteristics of our work, from the grapes to the bottle. This research is carried out day by day, both in the vineyard, with the meticulous selection of vines and careful cultivation techniques, and in the cellar, with the use of advanced technologies for winemaking. The wide range of our wines consists mainly of several Sangiovese variations including Chianti Classico, Super Tuscan wines and more. Many of the estate’s wines have received prestigious awards internationally.

Not represented in the US

Colli della Toscana Centrale IGT Rosso “Lucciolaio” 2012
Toscana IGT Rosso “Dumeto” 2012
Chianti Colli Fiorentini DOCG “Sefiro” 2015
Chianti Classico DOCG “Torraccia di Presura” 2015
Chianti ClassicoDOCG Riserva “Il Tarocco” 2013