Cantina Tudernum

logo-tudernumPian di Porto 146
6059 Todi (PG)

Tel: +390758989403

Contact Person: Jelena Sakic

Region: Umbria

Cantina Tudernum is one of the largest wineries in Umbria, situated on the slopes of Todi hills, along the ancient Tiber Road. The winery was founded in 1958. They are proud of their quality wines produced using only grapes from their 170 associated growers. The variety of cultivated vines in Umbria makes Tudernum the only winery able to offer all the wines produced from locally grown Umbrian grapes: Grechetto di Todi DOC, Rosso di Montefalco DOC and Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG. The winery also offers a wide range of excellent quality products at competitive prices, such as Sangiovese and Merlot.

Imported By:
Vianello Imports (only in Kansas)
JM Select Wine (Illinois)

Awards Received:
Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 90 points – Montefalco Sagrantino 2009

Todi DOC Grechetto 2015
Todi DOC Sangiovese 2013
Umbria IGT Bianco “Le Lucrezie” 2015
Umbria IGT Sangiovese “Le Lucrezie” 2015
Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG “Fidenzio” 2010

Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio

Logo Monte Vibiano Vecchio.jpgVia Vittorio Veneto 4
6072 Loc. M. Vibiano Vecchio di Mercatello (PG)

Tel: +39 349 8669510

Contact Person: Esteban Garcia Pascual

Region: Umbria

Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio is the first zero CO2 emissions winery in the world. Gambero Rosso Magazine awarded them The Best Sustainable Winemaker of the year 2013. Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio overlooks hundreds of acres of Mercatello Valley in Umbria and dominates the landscape since year 1 BC. Now, the view covers 37 hectares of the company vineyard. Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio is known for its excellent wines made from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Sagrantino grapes. The wines and the 100% organic certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil are present on a large number of leading airlines as well as in top hotels and restaurants around the world. We are not Organic, we are: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Genetically Certified 100% Italian By CNR-IBBR

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States Imported in:
Washington, District of Columbia, Iowa

Awards received:
James Suckling

Colli Perugini DOC “L’Andrea” 2009
Colli Perugini DOC “Monvì” 2011
Colli Perugini DOC “MV Zero”2010
Umbria IGT “Maria Camilla”2015
Umbria IGT “Villa Rosso” 2015

Sasso Dei Lupi

sasso-dei-lupi-logoViale Carlo Faina 18
6055 Marsciano (PG)

Tel: +39 075 8749523

Contact Person: Uliana Petrucci

Region: Umbria

Sasso dei Lupi is a new brand that represents one of the largest wineries in Umbria. It is located in central Italy, close to the worldwide renowned cities of Assisi and Perugia and not far from Florence and Rome.
Sasso dei Lupi was born in September 2008 as a spin-off of one of the leading cooperative wineries of the area that had been producing bulk and bottled wines since 1967. Later on the winery decided to move towards finest-quality wines, renewing production equipment and marketing strategies. The new winery changed its name to Sasso dei Lupi. Nowadays, Sasso dei Lupi counts more than 510 associated vine-growers and its vineyards extend on more than 1,482 acres, mostly located on mild Perugia’s hills. The name Sasso dei Lupi literally means “Wolves’ Rock”; it suggests the wolf as a symbol of uncontaminated woods and landscapes, widely extended on those lands. The wines proposed by Sasso dei Lupi widely represent native grapes as Grechetto, and Sagrantino, as well as international varieties that in Umbria found their perfect environment and expression into fine wines. Sasso dei Lupi is a modern company, ready to provide to the international customer the best trade and marketing support.

Imported By:
Ionia Atlantic Imports
Merlin-Montgomery Imports LTD

States Imported in:
Illinois, Missouri

Umbria IGT Trebbiano 2015
Umbria IGT Sangiovese 2015
Umbria IGT Grechetto “Terzastrada” 2016
Umbria IGT Pinot Grigio “Quartanota” 2016
Umbria IGT Cabernet Sauvignon “L’Intruso” 2015

Tili Vini

TILI MARCHIOVia Cannella 2
6081 Assisi (PG)

Tel: +39 075 8064370

Contact Person: Annalaura Tili

Region: Umbria

The Tili Winery is located in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. It covers more than 99 acres sloped on the sunny hills of the beautiful city of Assisi. The farm has cultivated this land for generations organically, without the use of synthetic chemical products. This is how and where the high-quality wines Assisi DOC were produced first and are produced now. Tili produces an extra virgin olive oil with the help of modern equipment, also without the use of chemicals, thus preserving the absolute naturalness of the product.

Not represented in the US

Umbria IGT Rosso 2016
Assisi DOC Grechetto 2015
Assisi DOC Rosato 2015
Assisi DOC Rosso 2012